Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Who dies?

This book has a pretty exhaustive body count, but here's what I remember:
1) Professor of Muggle Studies (killed by Volemort / eaten by Nagini)
2) Hedwig (killed by stray Avada Kedrava curse as Harry flees the Dursely's)
3) Mad Eye Moody (killed Avada Kedrava curse as Harry flees the Dursely's)
4) Wormtail (Killed by his own hand for showing mercy to Harry Potter)
5) Bathilda Bagshot (Killed by old age or Nagini, possesd by Nagini)
6) Dobby (Killed by Bellastix's knife)
7) Crabbe (Killed by his own fiendfyre spell that consumes the room of requirement)
8) Bellatrix Lestrange (Killed by Mrs. Weasley)
9) Severus Snape (Killed by Voldemort / Nagini)
10) Harry Potter (* sort of)
11) Tom Riddle / Voldemort (Killed by Harry Potter with the Elder Wand)
12) Fred Weasly (Killed by collapse of part of Hogwarts castle)
13) Colin Creevy (not specified, body turns up at the end)
14) Remus Lupin (not specified, body turns up at the end)
15) Tonks (not specified, body turns up at the end)
16) German wand maker guy (Killed by Voldemort)
17) Grindlewald (Killed by Voldemort after he refuses to tell him that Dumbledore won the Elder Wand from him)
18) Rufus Scrimgour (Killed by Voldemort)


Chip Chief said...

Did wormtail's death serve any great purpose? By the way, thanks for the sweet spoilage. Keep the updates coming.

Chip Chief said...

Oops, I didnt notice you had updated this post! Thanks!!!

Jeff said...

Ted Tonks, Dirk Cresswell, and the goblin Gornuk are reported killed on "Potterwatch" (along with a muggle family) though who exactly killed them isn't mentioned.

Jeff said...

In the final battle against the Death Eaters, 4 dead characters are named, but there are another 50 bodies from the "good" side along with them.

Tiffany said...

Wow, omg, thanks so much!